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Year Later - Kayla & Anthony

“I could write a book on not only Nada, but her breathtaking work. I reached out to Nada nearly just a month before our wedding was cancelled due to COVID. We wanted to change our plans at the last minute to an elopement ceremony in Key Largo Florida, coming all the way from NC. We reached out to many photographers and had many conversations with them. From the moment that I spoke with Nada I knew she was the one. We clicked. She is a breath of fresh air. She is professional, patient, and kind, Recommended!

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we like wedding photography and wedding video


where do you work?

Based in Key Largo, we travel to Homestead, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, North Carolina, Vermont, Chicago, London. We add a little into the price for travel.

does your work get published?

yes. A big part of our focus after your wedding, elopement, engagement is submitting the photos and video to the online and in print magazines. We love to do this. We always do it, unless you expressly tell us not to.

do you do small weddings?

Yes! We love small weddings. We charge a minimum rate for our services, typically 3 hours. But we are negotiable based on the season. If we are NOT booked there is a chance we can do a discount.

do you do large weddings?

Yes! We love large weddings. We charge a little more for more than 50 people, but we are happy to quote you based on an hourly rate which is the same no matter what size the wedding is. If it goes over 50 we charge a little extra.

can I have drone?

Yes! we offer drone photo and drone video. We must stress it has to be within the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) licensing and insurance regulations. We can discuss it. But pretty much anything before sunset is great, but over the heads of people flying is not permitted. If they are all in a tent or all wearing hard hats, we are good!!

how many photographers?

For small weddings - up t 50 it would be just one of us. We always bring a couple of cameras and sometimes set them up for automatic shots, which captures a lot more. We get the most important angles, on or two...we are professionals.

When the group gets bigger than 50 people, we would bring in a second photographer. And make more magic. And charge more too.

We offer 360 cameras too. It would be stationary and capture everything in timed intervals. Cool to see.

do you do preparations & the bridesmaid party?

Of course! Who would not do that!! Yes. We do love the prep. We enjoy the transformation of you and your brides maids, groomsmen, family members from pre wedding to fully made up and ready.

what do you capture??

We capture large guest groups, and in small groups, family, wedding party, the emotion and the joy.

We get the dancing and the cake cutting and the bouquet tossing and the first dances and the honeymooning..we get everything. Unless you prefer we miss something.

what is your style?

Documentary: we can shoot every thing posed and planned. So we don't miss the memory you have in mind. Or any of the shots you hope to see. Journalistic: we can just follow you around and stop you when we know it is going to be a perfect memory. (This is where you may have to trust us a bit) we don't miss a lot. We tend to get the big picture. We feel like we are 360.

how long until I get to see them?

We process fast. We would send you a gallery within 48 hours. Sometimes sooner. It would be a sneak peek. The full gallery would come a few days later. Via download link. You have private access, you can print or not, you get full copyright certificate to print.

how many photos do I get?

You will get 300 to 800 shots depending on the length of your event. Elopements would be shorter so we would send you about 300 shots.

We shoot thousands...but we don't feel like you want to see that many. So we sift through the best ones and keep the rest on a hard drive - if you feel you want to see more of something odds are we have more...

will you edit them to look pretty?

Yes! Colour, tone, sharpness, blemishes that CAN be removed with a couple of clicks will be removed if you so desire.

Our biggest love is to take that not quite well lit or not quite straight shot and make it perfection. We love to edit. We DO NOT DO PHOTOSHOP. It is a service we offer. We would go elsewhere to get someone to do the work a graphic artist would do on your photos. We get it. But no swapping heads here. Sorry!

We offer one full edit of the whole gallery. That is what we send you. If you find some you want edited we discuss how long it will take and if there is a further charge.

We charge $75 an hour for editing.

will I get a refund

We don't offer refunds. We would book you, and turn another client away in order to keep your scheduled booking. If there is ever a time where we are able to refund you, we will, but we have never been asked to refund a wedding.

During COVID-19 we postponed them. But we are back on track. So, no refunds.

what are your memberships & accolades?

Wedding Chicks Vendor & Certified Wedding Resource since 2018.

2020 - 2021 Featured Photographer on Key Largo Chamber of Commerce's Destination Key Largo Magazine front cover featured photograph, bio, p50

What If We Elope Vendor since 2020

Member of Professional Photographers of America, since 2018.

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Member since 1999.

Florida Keys Board of Realtors Affiliate Member since 2018.

FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Drone Pilot.

The Hartford General & Professional Liability Insurance.

PADI Scuba Instructor sine 1993.

Montessori Diploma in 3-6 & 6-9 Curriculum since 2007.

Ba Degree Honors in Modern Studies in the Humanities from Ulster University in 1992.

do you know my wedding venue?

Simply too many locations to list. from the Historic Walton House in Homestead to Schnebly's Winery to Sombrero Beach in Marathon and everywhere in between.

Ask us if we have been to your chosen spot. We've shot wedding video, elopement video, engagement video and real estate video all over this beautiful paradise.

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we do love photo & video

We offer professional photography based in Key Largo we go all over the Florida Keys, across the country and over the pond to photograph for clients.

Whether you need a quick family picture on the beach or at home, an elopement or a backyard wedding, senior pictures, birthday or a baby shower.

And you can print your shots on cups, bags, bamboo pictures, phone covers and more. We keep your photo galleries and protect them, indefinitely.

Thinking more along the lines of a video and photo? We can do that, with great skill. And to great applause from our clients who give us 5 star reviews all over the place.

Nada Khalaf-Jones, Sky Born Visual Studios.

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