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Welcome to the Florida Keys Wedding Video & Key Largo family photographer information page. If you'd love to get family pictures fast and have little patience we are good with hustling things to work on short notice. Since we are local to Key Largo we take one hour bookings day before. And sometimes the same day. Book Now?


Nada Khalaf-Jones shoots beautiful drone wedding video, published wedding photography and epic wedding films. From Key Largo to Key West.

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Wedding Video & Portraits by Nada, Key Largo Family Photographer

Wedding Video in the Florida Keys is sizzling. Freelance journalists always carry cameras. They capture the moment in pictures as well as words. I'm a professional family photographer, trained as a journalist with a sharp eye for the story. Not the one everyone else gets. The one not everyone else sees, the one behind the one everyone else gets. As a family photographer we photograph the look beyond the surface.

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