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Featured Photographer Nada Khalaf-Jones

Magazine - Destination key largo

'Your First Key In Paradise'

2022 - 2023 Chosen to represent the Florida Keys FIRST KEY IN PARADISE. Again. For a new year our photography and drone work has been featured by Destination Key Largo magazine. A printed publication by the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce.

key largo photographer
Florida Keys drone photographer
largo resort wedding photographer
John Pennekamp State Park Photographer
Twilight Drone Photographer
Real Estate Drone Photography
Featured Wedding Photographer
Florida Keys Wedding Video

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Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography

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living in Key Largo we lack the large populace, culture, action and excitement of the 'urban' variety, we also lack snow flakes in the summer. but do we pack up and leave. oh no. we dig deeper and find the best. we video and photograph our wild oceans, palm trees, small beaches, mangrove forests. with our hurricane enduring skill and passion for video and photo we always make perfecting the moment work, despite our snowy, urban and London born yearnings. we will make your story work too. sun or hurricane

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