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Nada Khalaf-Jones Photographer - it's a brand and a lifestyle. Film editor, producer, director. These are shot above and below. Capture emotions? Yes! Love. Sad. Joy. Rage. Hope. Capture movement? Yes! Theater. Dance. Sports. Capture The Story Of Life Around Us? Yes!

Film & Photography for Wedding. Fashion. Street. Food. Real Estate. Environmental. Theater. Business.

Nada Khalaf-Jones is the most out of her comfort zone happy photographer and film maker she knows. The most well traveled housewife, world traveler based in Key Largo. But why would she be better than the best? Because of the struggle and the work ethic behind it. Despite the failures and the triumphs. Hope is the drug she takes daily.

Film & Photography equals light and the moment! And what it means to capture the moment - every moment that speaks to you - no matter what camera is in your hand. No matter how 'mundane' the subject looks at first glance.

We are addicted to Shadow. Because it's brother is Light. We are addicted to Falling because it's sister is Flight. We are addicted to Life because it's the sister to Death.
We love molecular structure, atoms, potential and kinetic energy. Because they are what makes you, I and the universe in which we exist. There is myriad color and depth in every shadow. There are universes in every molecule, every single cell, every droplet.

Story telling is in our blood, since refugee parents, we write, we blog, we communicate in consumer and literary languages, we write poetry and continue with a long term love for freelance journalism.

Just a few creative story telling outlets which transfer to the lens. And the story you tell us with your presence. Is one we are prepared to see from start to finish, whatever it entails. Whatever dark or light it brings forth into the film and photographs you cherish. We have published plenty of front page features about people, their lives, the environment and our rabidly technological world.

Our creative film making and photographic skills have grown leaps and bounds along side our written talent and website design. 4K visual content production and aerials are the wave we ride this year, check back in a few for updates to that.

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“We fearlessly glow where no light has shone before - adventurous ocean, air, earth film & photography, we are insatiable meaning seekers, foolishly passionate image hunters”