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real estate and rental property video, drone and photography

1 graphic branding INCLUDED

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we deliver fast. first we light it. then we frame the shots, get the right angle, ensure it's balanced, get natural colour. then we deliver fast.

we specialise in top notch cross platform social marketing. and making things look fabulous. from a life time of graphic design and hard knocks traveling the world with journalism and teaching scuba the Nada-lens knows what a good perspective feels like. Photography and video - we know how to create and technically capture the story.

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such impactful real estate listings


For a look at the rental films we've made click here

For a look at the real estate films we've made click here


With questions to calm your anxiety. When you really want cleaning and de-cluttering to be all over.

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You've found us for Drone Photography in the Florida Keys, Drone Video, Real Estate Photography and Real Estate Video in the Florida Keys

made in September 2021

Interior Photography for Real Estate

We offer the highest quality, fastest turn around in the area. Locals since 1998, our reputation is solid and we are found in searches on the web for Drone photography in Key Largo and Real Estate photography Florida Keys.

Drone Photography for Real Estate

Drone photographers since 2016, I'm one of the First Lady drone pilots licensed by the FAA in South Florida. I know my market, and very tech forward and always learn new skills every time I shoot. We LOVE to get a better shot than last time.

Fast Turn Around Real Estate Video in The Florida Keys.

Since 2016 we've made hundreds of films selling millions of dollars worth of homes, some of them more than once! I love what I do, and passionate about getting it right, and have been known to go back several times for the right light or the better angle when the swimming pool is empty of vacationers. We also film weddings so our skill set goes beyond simply turning on camera and hitting record...we also love colour and composition. And it is always Florida Keys local real estate agents we work with and who love us most.

Key Largo Film, Rental

When you want it rented (or sold) fast and to the right audience, we know how that connects to your SEO, analytics and we know you want to tie it to your written message. We are writers and visual creators as well as entrepreneurs. We help you visually get found by the relevant seekers.

Islamorada Film, Real Estate

This creator works wonders all over the Florida Keys from Key largo to Islamorada, to Marathon to Key West.



The Best Way To View A Space

With Film, 3D & 360

Real Estate Listing or Rental Property

Super Fast Delivery in 24 Hours

Your listing can be uploaded to your website branded or unbranded as fast as 24 hours from shoot date. Depending on your detail needs we can drop your 3d virtual tour in with your film and photographs - it's a slick package. Grabbing attention fast.

Simply the best way to see a space.

real estate film in key west

the beautiful Florida Keys

4 Coconut Drive, Key West

real estate film & photography by nada


20 Swallow Road, Key Largo

a complete mls-ready package

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Florida Keys real estate drone photographer
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key largo drone photographer
real estate drone photography
real estate drone photographer
real estate drone photography
Florida Keys real estate drone photography
Key Largo real estate photography
key largo real estate photography
Florida Keys real estate photographer
Florida Keys real estate photographer
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Try Our Film For Real Estate

We love to share the beauty of the space you are selling. And bring you in to the space you are thinking of buying. Creative and energetic, this technical film making and photographic skill honed over years of work, brings a close to total immersion to you. We are adding 3D also.

3D, 360, Drone, Cinematic Film? YES!



We are top creatives and 100% professional. We plan, shoot, edit and deliver visual satisfaction. We dwell in a very creative and very technical realm.

But our undying love for humanity and marketing in general shows in the way we deliver the story. We film, photograph from air, from the interior and the surrounding land to bring the story of your property to life. Consistently. SO your job is to decide, now you know we can help. What is your need? And what are the possibilities?

Let us guide you. We love to make gimbal smooth cinematic virtual tours - films with a story, music, emotion for real estate, gentle drone arrivals, gentle pans, smooth entrance ways, details of the area and parting lovely drone shots. That is where we come from. Where are we going and bringing you along with us...

3D & 360 with CINEMATIC FILM!

3D turns it all into precise, technical and even exactly measurable spaces (scanned with LIDAR) that can be a photographic gallery, a 3D walk through film, a self guided 'follow the circles' tour showing ceiling fans and every nook and cranny. And a 360 Google maps Pin. You can even add your cinematic film in to your 3D Model. WANT IT ALL? Ask for or the full package.


Super helpful to really see the view from afar. We venture outside for a 360 scan of the street view, YES! You can drop that entire scan in to Google Maps street view. Voila.


Yes, Matterport has made the link loading a snap. Not only can we add realtor websites. rental company website, we can also add a link for browsers to visit the cinematic film of the room or property they are in. And bring them right back to the 'book now' or 'make an offer'


Pricing & Packages

MLS Drone Photo


Drone photography for real estate & rental properties is so hot. We offer this package for under 1500 sq ft single family homes in the Key Largo area.

Real Estate Drone Photography

MLS Drone Photo & Film


Package includes short film & photo for a complete exterior story for your single family, under 1500 sq ft real estate or rental property

real estate photographer



Complete interior, exterior and drone photo & film package. You get the lot. Under 1500 sq ft single family homes in Key Largo area. Contact us for a small increase in pricing for other sizes and areas.

25 Palm Drive

we help sell real estate & rental properties with the best photography, video, drone


Sell It With The Hottest Drone Video & Drone Photo for Real Estate

232 Upper Matecumbe, Key Largo, for sale. Check back here for the newest content. Sky Born Visual & nada Khalaf-Jones - producing daily.

Florida Keys Real Estate Video

Real Estate Photography & Film

We offer the best real estate photography we know. We offer 360, drone, underwater and the standard beautifully color balanced, full high resolution, magazine quality shots the best are accustomed to. We offer the best quality film, 4K and above, and we always listen to your needs. If you want drone only, we do that, if you want interior shots only, we do that, if you want all of the above, we do that. We deliver by direct download link, you can share it immediately from your smartphone to social media. If you need Florida Keys Social Media to help your listing get where it needs to be, we do that And if you want a shack photographed we do that, if you need a palace filmed, with a model or two cavorting around in swanky fashion, we do that, need to photograph or film an island, we do that, if you want to sell a rental property with big problems, we do really great work.

nada khalaf-jones real estate photo, video, drone

real estate photo, video, drone


1500 sq ft
full aerial services
48 hours

real estate photography


1500 sq ft
drone photography
24 hours



1500 sq ft
single family
up to 2 hours shoot time
1 - 2 min final film for social, web, header
branding extra


Seeking a new listing story for our long time client, April Struhs, this photo and film crew made a couple of trips to this Ocean Front resort. And it's not far from our home base, 4 miles south, on the Ocean Side of the Scenic Overseas Highway in Key Largo. The gate itself was designed with a wave cresting on the top, within the wave are the words Mariner's Club. It makes the whole entry quite elegant. The Mariner's Club itself is fronted by a fountain with a Mahi Mahi sculpture in all the gorgeous colours of the ocean. As you meander right you will pass by the tennis courts and around to the first of the two pools. If you go to Marina Drive, - that's a left turn after the fountain, you'll find your way past the amazingly well stocked gym, and the well kept Boat Dry Docks for vessel storage, owners get Dock Privileges in this well laid out deep marina. It's probably full of fish! And so, WELCOME to #135 Mariner's Club.

Sold In Under 10 Days

best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer
best Florida Keys photographer

Single Family Condo

Plantation Villas Condominium


216 Wildwood Circle

real estate virtual tours & walk throughs


401 Kawama Tower

real estate virtual tours & walk throughs

Real Estate Film

a beautiful home

real estate video & real estate photography

more passionate marketing

our belonging, our human story


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How Long? 48 Hours

Film & Photography Delivered Fast

01 / 13

What Format? 4K Hi Res

Superb Quality Film & Image

02 / 13

Secure Download Link Delivery

Cutting Edge Technology

03 / 13

Price Range? $299 - $995

Single Family to Commercial Listing

04 / 13

How Long Do You Need?

Simple Listings 2hrs Complex 4hrs

05 / 13

Is Film Included? Yes!

Film Included On Most Bookings

06 / 13

Is Drone Included? Yes

Drone Is Included On All Bookings

07 / 13

Last Minute Booking? Yes

In A Rush? We Do That!!

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Fixer Upper? No Problem

we shoot like pros, every time

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Rentals Too? Ohhh Yeah!

Investment Properties Are Soooo Hot!

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Drone Only? Absolutely

FAA Part 107 Licensed & Insured - COVER YOURSELF

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Lot For Sale? We Do That

Add Survey marks, Aerials, Get the Scene Completely

12 / 13

Condominiums? Yes Indeed

No bathroom too small no property too large

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Real Estate isn't a building and a contract. It's a dwelling, a habitat, a human story. We LOVE making real estate photographs and films. More than drinking coffee! And coffee is my lifeblood, I take a seriously long time to make my coffee every day. It is done just so. I sit and drink it in a calm and fun environment. Measuring out my breathing and my words to anyone within earshot. If it's a struggle moment, the struggle is dealt with with kindness and love. If it's a huggle moment, the hugs are dealt with as warmly as possible. Real estate is like coffee. To be taken very seriously as a stopping point, to be considered for it's angles, it's sense of calm, it's modernity or it's classical tones. It's always a new journey, on the way to another moment.

Real Estate is magical: it's always high resolution photography, aerials, interiors, neighbourhoods and google earth views. It's always 4K UHD film. And, like the coffee fanatic above, I care very deeply about what people see at the output. It is going to change a whole lot of lives. Yes, it is. Even the cold, distant investor who never see the structure, it's going to make him pennies, or nurture a whole new family. So, yes! I care deeply about how the pictures look. Deeply deeply deeply.