1) where do you do photography & videography work?

Based in Key Largo, we go all over South FLorida.

SOCIAL MEDIA & REAL ESTATE - Real Estate & Social Media Photographers & Real Estate & Social Media Videograpehrs at


2) does your work get published?

Yes! We are Key largo Chamber of Commerce's Featured photographer since 2020 our cover shots as well as 30 other images are spread throughout that beautifully printed magazine. Also, our films are all over Instagram and YouTube. A big part of our focus is to make films for real estate and rental properties that are stories beyond just a home or property for sale.

3) do you do small properties and large properties?

Yes! We shoot 900 square feet to 9000 square feet and more. We do Condominium Communities with 3 pools, lagoons, tennis courts, two marinas and large waterfront properties. We do tiny little mobile homes on dry lots and commercial property. Nothing too small nothing too large.

4) how do you shoot?

We bring all our lighting and open all the windows, turn on all the lights, turn off the fans and begin outside, working our way in and up. We shoot the drone on the same day. We always use the wide angle lenses and send the finished, colour balanced and straightened 3000 pixel photos to you.

5) can I have drone?

Yes! Drone makes every single property stand out. We offer drone photo and drone video. We shoot real estate, social media and weddings with drone. It TOTALLY rocks. We must stress it has to be within the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) licensing and insurance regulations. We can discuss it. But pretty much anything within our acceptable daylight hours, and weather norms and assuming there are no NOTAM's or airports within 5 nautical miles, we will be great.

6) how many photographers?

Just me...and hopefully no one else. We don't need back up or second shooters since we are quite capable of running the one camera and flashes solo. Not even for video do we need a second shooter.

7) do you do editing and re-editing

We offer one edit on the real estate photos. we offer one edit on the video. Simple edits. No photoshop. We also pick our own music and add your logo and branding for the branded version. We make two versions and they are the exact same except for the branding. Extra edits are extra $$

8) what do you capture??

We always capture 4 or 5 angles of each room, at least. We always use flash, sometimes not in really well lt homes. We always capture as many angles as we can even the tiny bathrooms. The most saleable points of the home are the views, the location and the basic bones. Whether it is rental or real sate. We always approach it with the sense that your investment is in our ability to capture the right angles. And light the rooms well. We have managed to help to sell 100's of millions worth of homes very successfully. We have never had a returning client with complaints, boasting a 100% track record with all our clients and reviews on google to show for it.

9) what is your style?

Cinematic highlights, Journalistic video and bright, airy photography. Let us know if you need something different.

10) how long until I get to see them? Or the film?

We process fast. We would send you a gallery of photographs within 48 hours. Sometimes sooner. Via download link. You have private access. Video of real estate and rental property takes some heavy editing and we can make these within 4 days unless there is a heavy load. Longest would be 6 days.

11) how many photos do I get?

You will get 300 to 900 shots for a 3 bedroom 2 baths 1500 square feet home. We offer drone of the exteriors and any homeowners parks, water views, amenities. We offer more than most. But the quality os NEVER compromised.

12) will you edit photographs to look similarly lit?

Yes! We do know this is vital, since when you sit them on the MLS it's better to see a gallery of shits that are lit with a similar colour range. White balance is a vital factor sending the message of consistency in a property. Colour, tone, sharpness, blemishes that CAN be removed with a couple of clicks. Our biggest love is to take that not quite well lit room and make it perfection.

13) do you do photoshop?

We DO NOT DO PHOTOSHOP. It is a service we offer. We would go elsewhere to get someone to do the work a graphic artist would do on your photos.

14) will I get a refund

We don't offer refunds. We would book you, and turn another client away in order to keep your scheduled booking. If there is ever a time where we are able to refund you, we will, but we have never been asked to refund a wedding. We have refunded weddings, when things were not looking favourable for us all. Fully refunded weddings still cost us money. So we usually keep a $100 fee.

16) how do I get my videos?

We send you a link to share, download and embed your videos. You SHOULD DOWNLOAD THEM on to your hard drive and save them somewhere for posterity. Also share them with everyone and they will keep them for you too.

17) about me - what are your memberships & accolades?

Wedding Chicks Vendor & Certified Wedding Resource since 2018, 2019, 202, 2021.

2020 - 2021 Featured Photographer on Key Largo Chamber of Commerce's Destination Key Largo Magazine front cover featured photograph, bio, p50

What If We Elope Vendor since 2020

Member of Professional Photographers of America, since 2018. 

Key Largo Chamber of Commerce Member since 1999. 

Florida Keys Board of Realtors Affiliate Member since 2018. 

FAA Part 107 Licensed and Insured Drone Pilot. 

The Hartford General & Professional Liability Insurance.

PADI Scuba Instructor sine 1993. 

Montessori Diploma in 3-6 & 6-9 Curriculum since 2007. 

Ba Degree Honors in Modern Studies in the Humanities from Ulster University in 1992.