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This is a paragraph. Click edit and enter your own text. You can make changes like making the text bold, underline or italic. This is a great place for you to tell your clients more about your story and to describe the type of photographer you are. You can come back at any time to make more changes.

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A Message By Men For Men

"End Male Violence Against Women" #whiteribboncampaign

Sutton High Street

March 4th 2022

By Nada Khalaf-Jones

Pimlico, London

"Mayor Patricia Fivey, Samia Tossio, Hana Horack and other representatives such as the Women's Coach of Sutton FC, the group Reclaim Suttons Streets, and many more I failed to speak to, (please forgive me and send me an email to If you want to be listed here as someone who was present and significant during the establishment of the bench.

Whilst the Mayor spoke, and the artists who created the mosaic with it's chilling message looked on, I was luckily there from Florida to see and capture the ribbon being cut.

The newly placed bench on Sutton High Street, opposite the trendy bar & restaurant All Bar One, the pub 'Moon On The Hill' by Wetherspoons, and Waterstone's the Booksellers, is located in an area where all our children once played.

It's a pretty little square between the busy pedestrian thoroughfare, the book shop, the path to the college and library, and the other direction to the lovely park at the top of Sutton.

We love the message, our family of all daughters are fully aware that it is all about not just male violence that is being addressed here. Though we agree this needed to be said and said in a permanent way. I can't wait to go back and spend a morning sitting and filming as people wonder by and look at it.


“I promise never to commit, excuse or remain silent about male violence against women.” @whiteribbonuk So my sisters @samiartstyle @hanahorackelyafi got up to some monkey business. With their fabulous mosaic! (I was lucky to be there!)

They were given the words to add to their finished product. And the unveiling by @patricia.fivey Councillor and Mayor of Sutton, officially happened on International Women’s Day.

Her emotional message referred to Sarah Everard’s kidnapping and subsequent murder by a Metropolitan police officer.

Highlighting the needs of the ‘White Ribbon Campaign’ Safe communities are what we all want. ‘Reclaim Suttons Streets’ were part of this bench mosaic @reclaimsuttonstreets - and so many people @suttonutdfc @suttonunited came together to make a clear statement in public. (plz tag anyone I missed)

Though White Ribbon campaigns vary in their language like CA, USA’s version to “pledge to never commit, condone or remain silent about all forms of gender-based violence and discrimination.” The words on the bench are more direct following the UK national campaign.

Importantly they reflect the true origins of the campaign which started 30 years ago as a specifically male campaign directed at men and boys to pledge to wear the ribbon and end violence against women and girls. Some campaigns replaced key words with their gender neutral alternatives. @whiteribbonday is celebrated in the UK on November 21st, annually. The London Borough of Sutton funded this event, the making and installation of the bench. And can be contacted for more info! @lbscouncil @lbs_internal_communications

#whiteribbon #whiteribbonday #whiteribboncampaign #whiteribbonuk #reclaimsuttonsstreets #samiatossio #samiart #hanahorack #patriciafivey #londonboroughofsutton #sutton #safestreets @suttoncouncil

London borough of sutton video

the message on the bench

London borough of sutton

st. patricks day gallery

nothing can keep us humans from mingling. we get restless and the craic is low when there is no 'villainy' to do (as the minions would say) but mostly we get restless and antsy because we love to get in each others business and make things happen. here is a bit of film and a bit of photographic craic from 2020 and 2022. and below the photo gallery is the film from this year. just a wee short thing. no one got paid, and no leprechaun's were harmed in the making of these images.

simple - to see the video click the wee triangle in the wee circle

Key Largo, St. Patrick's Day & Meaning


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graduation class of 2021 group shot
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