Editorial & Fine Art Photography

Capturing light, feelings & moments and all the things in between people and life.

This is where the moment comes to the camera.

NATURAL We love nature, natural light and wild windy days.

PLAN IT We also love studios and posers and really sharp editorial shoots.

PIC YOUR VIBE Whatever feels right to you and whatever fits the mood. We can do planned out or spontaneous and let go.


When you see this photographer she'll be a little bit nervous and a lot excited. She'll be trying too hard then losen up. She'll make mistakes then get it right. She is as good at falling down as getting back up. She is quick to forgive and fast to laugh.

family photography


Scuba diving all over the world you get to see some rad stuff. Florida Keys photography presents me with endless watery backdrops and plentfil beaches. But what if your fave isn't the water open ocean horizon? But the urban decay, concrete, cracked old wood and peeling paint like this barn at Rand Bryan in North Carolina. What if you love dimly lit cobbled streets? We do London trips all the time. And shoot there all day long...rain or shine. My personal feeling is follow your instincts and don't allow the needs of the moment dissuade you.


Nada Khalaf-Jones Florida Keys Photo

Family Photography - Key West Wedding Anniversary

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Welcome to the photography & film creators based in Key Largo - ready for the adventure

wedding & elopement