Hi, I am Nada Khalaf - Jones

South Florida & Europe based professional film and photography production company. I am adventure. I am ocean. Mountain peaks. black diamond ski run, sky diving, scuba diving, world traveling, Special Needs advocating, mother of four. I am love. I am anger. I am sadness. I am joy. I am like you. I wash dishes and cook food, clean up after other people and pay bills.

I love to make sumptuous romantic crowd pleasing wedding stories, I love to hide in my studio and make perfectly lit product photographs, I love to challenge the lenses with family or business and corporate portraits, run the gamut and keep track of everyone on stage during performances, air shows, intimate private events and stunning Florida Keys and European real estate.

Seriously off the beaten path and always out of the box. Think unique when you think of me. I’m Nada Khalaf-Jones and I’ve never felt more sure about anything in my life. Born in England, I’ve travelled and lived on many continents. Let’s share some of that skill, perspective, new angles, editing talent, absolute excitement and knowledge and adventure, shall we?

Photography For Those Jaw Dropping Moments


“The best wedding film I've ever seen”

“We are so grateful to have had you in our lives on the day of our wedding at the Historic Walton House”

“These are the most well behaved 'Howl O Ween' Dog stars of this amazing Halloween birthday, dogs, ghoulish cakes photography shoot and film by the talented Nada Khalaf-Jones”

“We loved all our vendors, particularly though, we loved the setting at Key largo Lighthouse Beach, and the film? Thanks for making it work last minute. Nada!”