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Featured Photographer Nada Khalaf-Jones

For one year our photography and drone work has been featured by Destination Key Largo magazine. A printed publication by the Key Largo Chamber Of Commerce.

Magazine - Destination key largo

'Your First Key In Paradise'

Jenny & Jimmy Sample

“The best wedding film I've ever seen”

01 / 05



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Hi, I am Nada Khalaf - Jones

South Florida & Europe (from whence I hail) based in Key Largo. We offer professional film and photography as well as all the skills of a full scale wedding film, event film and promotional production company.

My modus operandi, or MO, is a bit mountain peakish, a bit jump on any train going anywhere-ish, a bit lost down an alley in Cairo-ish, stuck on a dhow in Oman, flying too fast down a black diamond ski run, sky diving to cure a broken heart, scuba diving to avoid social interaction & talking, world traveling to loose myself so I can find myself. And for the last few decades this wild one becalmed herself and became a Special Needs advocating, mother of four. I am love. I am anger. I am sadness. I am joy. I am like you. I wash dishes and cook food, clean up after other people and pay bills.

I love to make sumptuous romantic crowd pleasing wedding stories, I love to hide in my studio and make perfectly lit product photographs, I love to challenge the lenses with family or business and corporate portraits, run the gamut and keep track of everyone on stage during performances, air shows, intimate private events and stunning Florida Keys and European real estate.

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