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The Photographer's Story of #135

Often in my life the memories that stick come from one single moment, often it's the intensity of adrenaline as you realise you won the race, got the job, shot the hoop that won the game. Got the grades that opened the door to a university you wanted to attend. I've seen my children struggle with failure in the face of great challenges, walk away from them with grace and optimism that success is still attainable, and hope will re-emerge. I have seen this work on my children, as I sit crying over 'failures' they simply solider on. What I love about this real estate project is it's pitfalls and failures opened as many doors for me as winning the race does.

Underestimating the time this would take, I felt sure I would be done in less than 4 hours. I'm hired to make photographs and film, including aerials. That is the package I do. Repeatedly. 4 Hours is a reasonable time frame. But all I can say is Ha! Fooled ya.

Returning the next day for sunrise - I'd been getting up at 0500 daily for a week in the hope we'd see an epic Florida Keys sunrise, the weather is grey and rainy, then sunny for a spell, then grey and rainy, again. But I also needed less wind for better aerial photos. Unaccustomed to failure in the field of photography, but always up for a learning curve and challenge, I allowed the 'voice' to get louder.

'You missed alot' I had missed so many great angles and some fabulous features that any prospecting home owner would love to have access to. So why did they get missed? Because I wanted to get in and get out faster than I have been. I want to optimise the dollars and streamline the process. So I pushed it and didn't spend the time.


So I went back the second day and walked through. With the cameras - shooting and filming along the way. It's annoying, and hot, and all I wanted to do was relax on the lounge chair and swim in the pool. So I made myself just stop to enjoy the scenery, kind of like a walk in the woods, slowly. Suddenly I realised how beautifully this place has been put together. The story is above in the film. And there are some great shots of the features most people are happy to pay the extra dollars for in order to get a spot here. I am not surprised the condo in question went under contraction under 10 days. I also feel that maybe I went back so I could give myself time to imagine this place as my own home. And spend time in the game room...I love table football and snooker. Dream On!

The listing is here April Struhs, Coldwell Banker Shmidt, her website is and her instagram is @keysrealestateaprilstruhs