Photography From Last Year Is A Beautiful Memory

Photography From Last Year Is A Beautiful Memory - More accurately photography from last year is beautiful because it IS a memory. Lucky for some of us there was more joyful and positive work to do because of COVID19 and the time flew by. In recognition of all those who lost loved ones, jobs, hope and to those who gave their time to help. But the Florida Keys suffered right along with the rest of the world, but in it's own quirky way.

One great thing we did here, thank you Monroe County Administrator, Roman Gastesi, we did not close all our parks and beaches. No sir. Lucky for me I live right beside those parks and beaches that were not closed.

While the roads around here were deserted, so we could safely cross to the parks and beaches with dogs and slow kids, and we could lay in the street for a nap, there was an anomaly happening around us. The real estate sale frenzy happened. What went on in real estate was an eye brow raising journey. And because people were panicking and desperate to get rid of property, after all, who wants to own a rental property in the Keys when there is no one coming to rent it.

Believe me, there was a massive dump of properties here. Meaning us professional real estate photographers and videographers were suddenly very busy. And then suddenly very NOT! I think I even wrote about it in a professional capacity somewhere. But the short story is, the figures show a massive hike in sales and sudden lack of inventory, then a big shift towards the favour of the seller. Suddenly people are selling and getting within 10% of their listing price and in some cases 10% more than, since there were buyers lining up for a shot at something they saw as a worthwhile investment.

Beside that economic pump pushing money into the Florida Keys in a BIG way, there was the end of the Cruise ships coming and going. And the hotels were all empty along with the restaurants. But now the fight is whether or not to allow Cruise ships unfettered access to their old routes again, or not. The vote was taken and everyone said no more cruise ships. Everyone except for the people who stand to loose the most.

But I digress, for more of that visit the local Upper Keys Weekly newspaper and you'll get all the latest about it.