Winning isn't Everything Approval is

When I was younger i'd break up with boyfriends when I felt I was becoming too 'dependent' on them. I think it was an excuse to go traveling again. But that was what drove my soul. Freedom to be 'on the road.' When I met my hubby I was truly solo mio (like Lightining McQueen in Cars) and was on the way to learn a few big lessons. Firstly: team work is better. Always. I still love running things under my own steam, mind you, but team work is better for the moments when you crash, triumph and finally get accepted by those around you. We love approval. We thrive on it. We say we don't care, what other people think. But we really do.

Never more so than when we present our visual work to the world. And the Real Estate industry is all about visuals for marketing. We love to make film & photography. We are ready for criticism and accolades. You have to be prepared to hear 'I don't like the photographs' every now and again. It helps remind you of what you have got. Approval. And what is so easy to lose. Approval.

Seriously though; i've a feeling when people look at the work I put out there, they see something very different to the way I see it. And honestly i'm not at all confident.

It takes your votes of confidence, in the form of money and thumbs up in social media to convince this creative nut, that the work i've done is actually quite good.

When a client joins us in the visual and social media journey, we are very loving towards them. We need each other, quite a lot in the beginning. But eventually the editing process takes hold and we spit out hundreds of lovely photographs and a film or two.

Are you ready to challenge yourself today? I am. See you out there!