Happy 15th Birthday Pascal 2.2.2021

It has been almost one year (5.7.20) since you left us for heaven. Your way was to be kind and have courage. You showed this with every act. Your love for animals. The planet. Sunsets, family and friends. Service to the community around you. Endlessly. We lost you so quickly but we do acts we call #pascalsway to remind of us of your life. So we can honour your memory. And remember your smile, voice, faster than fast running skills. And when we do this act, you give us all wings.

We love you Pascal. We hope you see what we do to keep you with us. We will never forget. We will often shed a tear. And we will always wonder why you had to go so soon. Rest In Peace.

These photographs are from the first of your birthdays we will celebrate for you here on earth. Happy 15th this year 2021 we celebrated you in #pascalsway with an ocean and beach clean up. While these girls and boys from your class at Treasure Village Montessori School were cleaning up the beach at Bahia Honda State Park in Lower Matecumbe, there were hundreds more delivering plaques to local businesses who are proud to display them, around the Florida Keys. Handmade plaques by your classmates and friends, with your name on them and your #pascalsway so anyone who has lost their way may see it and find themselves again in service and kindness. Because we know kindness matters. Your showed us that.