uniquely abled? we are ALL uniquely abled.

Appreciating the work you all do for us, Coral Shores High School and the community. I LOVE working with you this day. And this was a lovely moment with no time limits or payments or expectations except make it look nice. And have fun. Laila and her friend Brithany were interested in a photo shoot of them as prom royalty so we rolled in with some goodies to help make it happened as well as celebrate graduating into Sophomore year!

Not such a big deal? Well it is for our girls. And anyone that went to Treasure Village Montessori where we celebrated the graduation of every class - and it was always motivational for the world. We carried on this tradition to Coral Shores high School so we can cherish the students moving up into the next phase of learning.

We had a surprise, when the hair and make up talent brought the magic, someone wrangled the flowers and balloons and cakes - all donated.

This was impromptu and wholesome and good for us all. We had a lot of fun. Thanks Mira Jones for being the rock upon which I often rely in these 'I have a crazy idea and wonder if it will work' scenarios' Thanks Mel Serrano for taking the day off from your salon and moving clients to be here and being the best kind of human I know and always saying yes when it comes to uniquely abled people.

I am so proud to call you my friend. And thanks to KATHY - similarly you are a human I can not get close to being as good as, and thanks beyond words for the dedication to these amazing humans, and putting up with all us mothers!!! Cluck Clucking.