Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography

Welcome to our inaugural blog. Here is where we share the love of photographing EVERYTHING from moss on a forest trail to a shadow between two buildings to super famous faces. We hope you love the story of the pains and triumphs of the world in which we swim.

Photography is a passion, film equally so. We have often felt the need to do both, sometimes simultaneously. So we went with it. Our journey began in England. I was a wild athletic know-it-all with a penchant for dreaming.

An utter unwillingness to conform brought me to professional Scuba Instructor (BSAC then PADI & SSI) position in the Egyptian Red Sea, think Pyramids, but the ocean side of the continent. And the reefs. When I came to America after 3 years in the Middle East teaching scuba, it was as a future bride to the handsome and dashing Joe 'Jonesy' Jones.

As a @floridakeyshousewife I've been blessed with a stable domestic environment. Despite my attempts at non conformity. They got me in the end. But adventure is in my soul. And a tendency to dash off chasing whale sharks with my underwater camera, bringing a drone to a family reunion, missing a train because the shot was perfect, landing the drone upside down in the ocean are all proud feathers in my non conforming cap.

Jonesy, my husband of 23 years now (2019) is my main operational support. Without his commitment to a career as a first US Naval Aviator and now AA Pilot my business would have gone bankrupt early on. But he chose to support this non conformist former Political Science student, turned Scuba Instructor, turned Journalist, turned Photographer and Drone Pilot.

We think it's worth it. We are getting closer to 'remarkable' we know we have a way to go towards that goal, I love the goal. The journey is the reward. Join us.