Laila's Unique Ability: Coke, made with sugar, followed by dancing

Feel free to copy Laila's unique ability. Open a Coke from Mexico (because it's made with sugar not high fructose corn syrup) then get up, steal Mom's phone, find your best station on Pandora and dance. Like no none is watching. Yeah. It helps she lives in a place where there is a stage. But she dances in the bathroom. The bedroom. The locker room. She sings off key, allllllll the time. And she has messed up feet so she finds it hard to really move like most off us can. She is also Down Syndrome, her metabolism is slower than most. But we are trying to make sure she moves every day. If you want to see real love, real unconditional love, spend a few minutes with a Down Syndrome person. And spend a minute dancing wherever you can. Sing off key. Carpe Diem. (Laila only ever drinks water, she only gets Coke once a week for a treat, she has to choose between ice cream or Coke.)