Key Largo Quarantine Drone 2020

We Love Drone Photography

We love drone film and studio film productions like the jewellery shots you can see below. We love model shoots and product shoots where we mess with right until it's just right. When the world is a little chaotic it's an absolute pleasure to burrow deep into a subject with cameras and lights and produce a smooth and finished look that perfectly reflects the excellence of a moment. When it comes to filming the same applies but on a whole new level of story telling. We worked as journalists for years so the truth tends to be a priority with us. Faking some rage or other isn't a thought process we ever have. But imagining a message more clearly and ore relevantly is absolutely our thing. We can story board, but we rarely do, we can shot list, but we rarely do. We are free thinking disruptive film makers that don't love 2 second cuts with spins, twists and jumps. But we are open to your needs. If you insist. We love the reality of what you need. First. But....

Nada Khalaf-Jones loves your needs in film making, that in itself is part of the story. We offer our strengths: we like to recommend our personal skill in creative film making - ranging from a subtle, sensual, gentle, building from slow sweet suggestion to blunt force trauma message that is unforgettable and rages across eye-lids as we fall asleep. We got ya.

We Love Drone Video

When the world launched cameras on gimbals we were right there open mouthed staring up at the sky - ever vigilant with our FAAPart 10-7 SUAS Remote Pilot In Charge Licnese stuck clearly to our bright pink Dorn pilots vest...I love live streaming from drones. It is a fabulous way to share an event or a story. We can take all that raw excitement with glitches and bloopers and remove it'll to deliver the undiluted message. Ask the pros. We got ya!

We Love Film Making

No Film School. No Training. Just Determination & Passion To Produce Great Content. The beautiful world is also quite scary. Working the magic between mystery and certainty, love and hate, life and death, apathy and passion....we love to walk this line....we love it! Check out all out films at www.vimeo.com/skybornvisual

We Love Production

Yes...some of the faves are chasing yachts across the ocean.....boy is that hair raising fun with a drone. What makes the world speed by better than a drone flying at 45 miles per hour? One going 60. Well yeah! Every time we get comfy with handling high quality content, like 360 at 6k, 60 frames per second at 4K - hey then they bring out the better speed and the better quality. We don't chase the newest. We simply take the superior quality we can afford and make the best with it. It's always going to be close to what people at Netflix, Sony, Amazon and the rest are using...but while faster drones are alway more fun and also 8K cameras and 60 megapixel photographs, I think we ar totally at the front when it comes to production for all the business, real estate, weddings we have done. See for yourself.

Documentary Film

Environmental stories, new product releases, live streaming! This ocean, air, earth film production team in Key Largo can handle the load. Creative quality film delivered in an editable format.

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