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High School Cheer

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High School Dance

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Weekly Game Highlights

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Found myself in love with the photographs I took one night, when the team photographer was away. It was hard letting go of the photo gig but I’m the team videographer.

Coral Shores High School Football Season Fall 22.

Nada Khalaf-Jones Photography, Video, Drone is sponsoring Coral Shores High School Cheer Team with Video, and Photo. Coral Shores High School Canettes Team with Video and Photo, and Coral Shores High School Hurricanes With Video and Drone in the Florida Keys.

Cheer, Dance, Football

The return on investment here is proof of work, IE I now know I can make sporting content, really epic, content. And that is as good as the absolute best test you can give someone.

Weddings, real estate and social media film and photography is a definite challenge, the highly dynamic environment of football is making me sweat and move in a way thatI LOVE!

The school is thriving under the new leadership of Principal Lieteart and I am proud to be a part of the EPIC Florida Keys Video, photo team. And humbled to support the efforts of all, plus the amazingly yummy smells coming from Trinity’s Caribbean Catering grill over at the concessions. I think they sold all the hats and shirts. I bought my Canes cap.

And every week I proudly wear my Canettes Dance T-Shirt with JONES on the back in sparkly gold lettering. Now I am awaiting the Cheer Team shirt, but I want to sew them together so I can have one on the back and one on the front. And the football cap on my head.

Coral Shores Hurricanes v Felix Varela

Coral Shores Hurricanes v Felix Varela Vipers

Inspired By High School Sport

I must say one thing of this recent game September 2nd 2022. Palmer Trinity brought their 20 ft telescoping camera, ( I ogled it a bit) and their full dance, cheer and football team to the field. If I had another set of hands I would have set cameras up over there to add them to the story I make. 

This last game we had to really fight for every point of this 14 - 19 score. They were a very tight team. And it was an epic battle. It did have both coaches getting hot under their collars from both sides at some of the decisions made. You could hear one coach communicating and gesticulating wildly and then the other one going off as the decisions were bandied about a bit. But at the end of the day it is the umpires call.

But we are very proud of our Cheer and Dance teams and our fabulous footballers. Our Hurricanes, parents, friends and that one guy in yellow who was pronouncing we all cheer - after a very loudly shouted wind up motivation, and it worked…hahaha.It was an epic crowd and we are filling the stands every week now. And people are even staying all the way through the second half..sometimes that one student section empties out.

The announcers did a fabulous job of putting tidbits of information out there for each moment during the game that there were breaks - it seems we had a larger amount of time outs than usual. There was a lot a stake here. Our history with Palmer Trinity is not one of great victories in football. Let’s turn the tide. After the previous weeks epic slaughter of Felix Varela Vipers 48 -0 I am proud we did not enter the frey with too much fat headed swagger. Indeed we fought as if it was our last breath and lost with elegance. 

We thanked the team, politely, and prayed as hard at the end as we played. God Bless you all. And thanks for the amazing game. Can’t wait for next week.