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Back in the year 2015, Nada Khalaf-Jones founded Sky Born Visual under her other venture Lovely World Adventure. Nada was a journalist for quite a long time, thus her years of involvement in environmental studies, writing and all types of media. She did a lot of science journalism, allowing her to live in several countries. Her life is full of thrilling experiences, as she was also a scuba instructor for several years. Enthralled by the thrill of adventure, she enjoys going on exciting escapades and sharing them with other people.

Sky Born Visual brings us a day of fun and Halloween! It’s also a birthday party for sweet Mira, and with a beautiful mix of flowers, cakes, dogs, and pumpkin decor, it’s one spooktacular event! Join her and all of her friends for a super fun celebration that’s filled with festive details and treats in these wonderful images below…

meet the jones family

Iconic Florida Keys – because when you have 4 children all achieving outside their comfort zone it rubs off on you. The network we inhabit is quite accidentally, massive. From the scuba diving companies their Mom works in, to the military base their Dad worked at, to the airline networks, the annual boutique fashion show appearances, the grocery store they ate from since they were born, the library they went to every Tuesday and Thursday at 1030. Not to forget the ongoing sporting activities and community leadership they are thoroughly stuck into. And of course the hundreds of friends, boyfriends, therapists (speech and pt for our Down syndrome kiddo) But it’s a small town and we respect people’s privacy.