Sometimes they say 'we need a film made with footage from another company and you say, but that means cutting up their perfect work and butchering it and using it in a way it wasn't meant to be used.' And they say, 'do you want the job or not, just do it!' And you say.'......hmmm...ok.'


Studio Film & Photography

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It's a team work intensive process: perfect shots get sent to the editing team, they come back clean, sometimes there is a line missing or an edge of a lease or a logo isn't on right. Then they come back again until the look is perfect. Nada

Product photography is intense: something like walking into a store with thousands of options of the same perfect pair of jeans but with slightly different details on each one... and you have to pick one pair! Once you have the perfect shots, after you set up the perfect lighting and tripods and reflectors and cameras and lenses - you can shoot the shots in your studio, you share the ones you think will work and the working ones get edited until they look even more perfect. Then someone says NOPE let's change that and you start again. Don't ask me how to charge for this sort of work. Hourly is a good start. 40 hours of studio shooting and editing and decision making and finally the ones they loved came to light and have been used repeatedly. A new shoot session in planned. Cover me, I'm going in!



We love concrete floors, driftwood doors, yoga goddesses and paddle board oars, hammocks between palms and gently burbling brooks, fresh squeezed oj and long long books. Nada