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Photography & Film are never more alive than when someone is DOING something. Whether it's cooking, competing in sports, performing on stage, expressing their opinion or jumping off a really tall cliff with a bungee cord. This is the doing photography age. We can shoot your event. Quickly and excellently. Deliver it by link to download to google drive, dropbox and share on social media.

Coral Shores 2019 HOCO


Special Olympics 2019

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Moments Like These Are historic

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Air & Space Show

The Curious Savage


Richest colour and lighting, the effort these young actors and actresses put forth shows us they mean to share their very best. And that in turn brings out the very best in a photographer and a film maker.

Phoenix Rising

Dance Journey

We love filming and photographing performance: sports, aviation, theatrical, musical, artistic. We love to see what you show the world.

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