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Photography & Film are never more alive than when someone is DOING something. Whether it's cooking, competing in sports, performing on stage, expressing their opinion or jumping off a really tall cliff with a bungee cord. This is the doing photography age. We can shoot your event. Quickly and excellently. Deliver it by link to download to google drive, dropbox and share on social media.

Harry Potter Studios - London

The 6 Hours Felt Like 1 Hour

Have you read J.K. Rowling's series of seven fabulous fantastic books? We have, all of us, except for our Down syndrome daughter, who is still on number 1. We recommend them wholeheartedly. Don't watch the films. Read the books. Book 1) Harry Potter And The Sorcerers Stone ( actually called The Philosophers Stone in the UK ), Book 2) Harry Potter & The Chamber Of Secrets, Book 3) Harry Potter & The Prisoner Of Azkaban, Book 4) Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire, Book 5) Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, Book 6) Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix, Book 7) Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows.

When they made the films, the author took her sweet time deciding who she wanted to allow to mangle up her story line. We think she did a good thing choosing who she did. We loved the films. It's annoying though, even though we read all the books, more than once, the details get lost when you watch the films. It sort of wipes away the vision you have that you build within your own imagination. Well. I am reading them all again now. See if I can repaint my own picture without all the Warner Borthers interpretations of this amazing world into which so many humans on this earth have wondered.

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Richest colour and lighting, the effort these young actors and actresses put forth shows us they mean to share their very best. And that in turn brings out the very best in a photographer and a film maker.

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We love filming and photographing performance: sports, aviation, theatrical, musical, artistic. We love to see what you show the world.

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