coral shores high school class of 2021

coral shores high school class of 2021


complete the form below to get hold of your photographs

We only send photos of students to parents, guardians or the students themselves.

Enter parent, guardian or student email address where digital downloads can be sent.

PURCHASE PROM AND OR GRAD PHOTOS BY COMPLETING THIS FORM. Prom Photo cost is $10. Grad Photo cost is $10. Your student may have already paid for prom photos. We DO have that list....:)

step 1

To get prom and/or grad photos fill out the contact form. $10 for Prom and $10 for Grad. Parents/students enter your email address to receive the link to which your downloads will go. tell me what yours/your students name is. you will receive an email from me in response to your registration. we coordinate with the school to ensure the right faces and names get together and confirm contact info is correct. FAQ's below will def help.

step 2

wait a bit. we take 5 days or so to edit event and portrait photographs. these events (prom and graduation) are two in a small line of other events around this time of year. when we have them all done in order, we will email you individually. all the other parents/students will also receive their personal emails. you will get the email from FAQ's below will def help.

step 3

when you get your email from me it will simply be to say here is your CSHS Class Of 2021 PHOTO GALLERY. Prom and Graduation! Either or Both. You will need to enter your email address to gain access to our private online gallery, there will be a password too. no one else can see the photographs unless you share that password. FAQ's below will def help.

step 4

when you get to your gallery you will see a few photographs. you will be able to digitally download all your photos for $10. using the store. follow the instructions. you can pick the size of the download. from billboard quality to social share quality. you can order prints too. FAQ's below will def help.


photos for prom & graduation 2021

Yes! If you've signed up to get your gallery link for your student once, we will still have your information for the next time we photograph your student.

how do I get the right photos?

in your email you'll tell me your students name. during graduation I'll have a list of all the students, I order of the photographs. we are also shooting a film, so we will have them on rewind if we need to go back and get names and faces coordinated.

how many photos?

the plan for graduation is 2 great shots of your student. (of course we will def go for more, including groups and the cap throw) the plan for prom is more like 4 - 6) we shoot endlessly. how may good ones of your student depends on them, partly. with prom we know we will get them. with graduation we can only hope they stop and shake and hold it for a second while they look over at us.

how much are my photographs?

CSHS Class of 2021 $10 per student photo gallery. You can download all the shots for that amount. And pick the download size. Billboard size or smart phone social size. You choose.

how do I get my photos

you have to sign up with the form on this page. so you give use permission to receive the email from us. so when it's time to send you your student's gallery we have a place to send it. it will be password protected and only you can see it. your email will be used to register. then your email will be used by you to download the images.

can I print them?

we offer a print shop online right here. look for the shop. and select from hundreds of cool print options. hats, cups, canvas, wood, perspex etc. but yes you may print your digital images anywhere. we offer a copyright release with all our photographs. EXCEPT for commercial use. which we hope you won't be using your child's image at graduation to sell boats??? if you want to do that you will need to pay the commercial (I am going to use this for business purposes to make money) licensing fee which is $299. printing them can be done anywhere you like.

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