he had no make up, she had make up.


I feel so strongly after photographing a beautiful dancer who did not have hair done before the shoot. Think about your photography and film. You are going to pay me for beautiful photos and film. HOT TIP! Hire the hair and make up for the entire photo or film duration. Why? Because you will get a much more FABULOUS result. Simple. Photos below show a comparison.


Skip Not The Hair & Make Up!


Seriously - the humidity makes hair FRIZZ and go electric shock like! No matter how gorgeous you are. Think about bringing your own de-frizz kit or bringing your own hair expert. SWEAT? Don't sweat it, the talent here learn fast how to combat sweat and keep it muted during the event.

Weddings in particular can be rather heated. So when looking your best is a priority and you love the idea, book our fave hair and make up professionals, who know how to handle the sweat. And budget to keep them around for sunset photographs. They typically offer a 'stay for touch up' rate.

IF YOU ARE SEEKING FLORIDA KEYS VENDORS - Ask me for all the vendors that I've worked with and would recommend. The criteria are that they continue to serve Florida Keys weddings and events. They keep an up to date website. I recommend people who are transparently honest, as far as I can tell. And only the ones that I know show up a little early, and deliver, expertly. The ones that take care of their clients, and deliver exceptional service consistently.