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Florida Keys Drone Pros

FILM & PHOTOGRAPHY, SOCIAL MEDIA DISTRIBUTION & EVENT PLANNING - when we aren't filming and photographing Luxury Yachts remember the days? Fishing charters, remember those? Dive Boats - remember that? Florida Keys Drone Pros are almost always out flying the drone.

Skybornvisual are almost always complaining about the amount of content the drone team make for her, but she LOVES (into the wee hours of the morning) to cut the film and edit, coloraturas grade and stabilise then add music and graphics.

Then Social Media Distribution beautifully written content with SEO and Keywords by Florida Keys Social Media kicks in and we have an in a nutshell content factory.


Don't be afraid to share your story. We offer a great studio production package for anyone with an idea to get around the 'road blocks' of this 2020 Pandemic. Contact us lets get a plan drawn up, virtually, for a story sharing your ROI Positive message. We can record and edit your visual from 6 feet away.

Key Largo Aerial Film

Florida Keys aerial photography and drone video marketing - the peace during the pandemic. A series to fall asleep to.

Key Largo Drone Film

Just amazing how stunning the aerial video and aerial photography is of this iconic local restaurant Snooks


Federal & State Drone

Set a challenge Florida Keys Drone Pros provide ROI Positive Results - Drone Mapping, Drone Surveying, Drone Event Coverage, Drone Documentary. We offer all this and brilliant post production skills with social media marketing.