Real Estate

Real Estate isn't a building and a contract. It's a dwelling, a habitat, a human story. We LOVE making real estate photographs and films. More than drinking coffee! And coffee is my lifeblood, I take a seriously long time to make my coffee every day. It is done just so. I sit and drink it in a calm and fun environment. Measuring out my breathing and my words to anyone within earshot. If it's a struggle moment, the struggle is dealt with with kindness and love. If it's a huggle moment, the hugs are dealt with as warmly as possible. Real estate is like coffee. To be taken very seriously as a stopping point, to be considered for it's angles, it's sense of calm, it's modernity or it's classical tones. It's always a new journey, on the way to another moment.

Real Estate is magical: it's always high resolution photography, aerials, interiors, neighbourhoods and google earth views. It's always 4K UHD film. And, like the coffee fanatic above, I care very deeply about what people see at the output. It is going to change a whole lot of lives. Yes, it is. Even the cold, distant investor who never see the structure, it's going to make him pennies, or nurture a whole new family. So, yes! I care deeply about how the pictures look. Deeply deeply deeply.

More Meaning in Real Estate

there is always a story - it's yours, or mine